Monday, April 18, 2016

You Can Star in a Scary Mexican Dental Horror Movie!

Dental wok is one of the most frequent, unforeseen  and financially inconvenient expenses for most people.  Worse - larger treatments like multiple crowns, dental implants and dental makeovers are rarely covered by your insurance. 

For the past 50  or 60 years, thousands of Americans and Canadians have gone south visiting dentists in Mexico while enjoying the sunshine, perfect beaches, margaritas and affordable root canals. 

Awaiting these innocents from abroad are a variety of dental service providers ranging from board certified and non-certified general dentists to dental school drop-outs, dental technicians posing as dentists and dental mills employing young dental school grads at minimum wages.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mexico & Philippines Among Best in World for Dental Tourism! - International Living

Medical and Dental Tourists Take Note!

If you are planning a medical or dental vacation - consider these health care money-saving countries.

Medical and dental healthcare in some Countries such as The Philippines and Malaysia are considered basic human rights and are often available at little cost to locals and ex-pats.


By Czarmecin

NEW YORK - Ms. Moira Sauvane does cancer research at Columbia University in New York City. Javier Garcia, an Argentinian-American and a third-year psychiatric resident, and Moira Sauvane, an Argentinian and a post doctoral cancer researcher, are among the best tango dancing couples in the world.

For the last three years they danced the tango almost every evening, three to four hours a night, somewhere in New York City where they now live. Their tango is unique, in that they come together in a passionate dance dialogue where they exchange lead, in a constant form of improvisation. Their relationship is also unique. Moira is married to another man.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dentistry In America May Become Like Plastic Surgery - A Procedure For The Rich According to Bernie Sanders

For many US middle-class families - dental emergencies and large treatments such as oral restorations are a huge, uninsured family budget wrecking event. And many are going without treatment and ending up in hospital emergency wards which are unable to provide proper dental care. 

Dental care in the US is increasingly becoming something that only the upscale segment of society can afford causing many to leave the US on “Dental Vacations” to Mexico and Asia to find affordable dental care. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been a critic of the high cost of dental care n the US for 2 decades. -ed

"We have a real crisis both in terms of access to affordable dental care—and not only for lower-income Americans but for many in the middle-class as well—and the consequences of a lack of treatment."    
                    - Bernie Sanders at Congressional Hearing on Health Care 2012


By Reed Abelson for NY Times

With dental costs rising and employers cutting dental coverage, an increasing number of working Americans cannot afford to see a dentist even for chronic problems. If you need a full-mouth restoration, several root canals, 27 crowns or dental implants - most dental insurance won’t cover you.

During the Iraq war, some reservists and Guard members chose to have their teeth pulled so that they could be deployed, said Maj. Gen. Robert A. McIntosh,in testimony before Congress.

"Although promised restorative dental work, their reward for their loyalty and patriotism will be dentures," he said. Dental implants, a better alternative to dentures, are not covered because they are more expensive.

In a nation where a person's smile is considered a sign of general well-being and an important factor in landing a job, dental care is becoming ever more unequal, policy specialists say. In 2000, the Surgeon General issued a report describing the silent epidemic of dental and oral diseases.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

TAKE AWAY ONE HAND - A New Pandemic Virus is Mutating and Killing Humans

A new virus is upon us like a plague. It is causing psychological damage, serious injuries and deaths. Mutation of the human species is the long-term prognosis. I call it the G-Virus..


By Doctor Cristina Terrado MD

Gadgets entertain, inform, and allow us to communicate.  But more and more our lives are ruled by these gadgets. And it should be the other way around. Humanity is becoming mentally and physically handicapped as a result. The most obvious is the near physical loss of the use of one hand.  And socially, many lose important human interaction due to their obsession with the gadget.

On a recent night out with my friends at a coffee shop, a nearby couple obviously on a date were both so busy with their gadgets that I joked to my friend - they must be texting each other, or worse - texting another boyfriend or girlfriend.

Once I had to get off a bus because the driver refused to stop texting. I was exasperated when he tried to reason out that it was important despite the fact that he couldn’t stop texting for several miles. I hope he had lots of  liability insurance. Unfortunately, we all know people who text and answer their cel phone while behind the steering wheel.  

Recent studies have shown the majority of road accidents in the Philippines are now due to texting while driving.  American Insurance industry stats show that for the first time accidents caused by texting drivers exceeds that of drunk drivers in the US. I suppose it’s the case everywhere on this gadget covered planet now.

Every day one reads of people falling off cliffs while taking selfies and stepping in front of cars, trucks and even trains while gadgeting. Worse - truck drivers, train engineers and pilots have been observed gadgeting when on the job. In the “sure sign from heaven department” there was the young woman in San Diego California who stepped into a hole full of snakes while gadgeting.

Gadgets overheat, batteries explode, bedrooms and houses burn down, people get serious burns and scientists suspect the potential of brain damage caused by the holding of cel phones next to our heads over the long term. 

The only damage caused by the old rotary dial phones I grew up with was to our heads if someone was mad enough to clonk you with one. Those phones were virtually indestructible and were built to last a lifetime.

The G-virus has hit the home front too. Teens and adults now do housework with one hand while the other hand holds a gadget. If Darwin was right - in a million years humanity will have one arm longer than the other and one hand will be quite different from the other.  Perhaps as different as a tentacle and a claw. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Find The Best Seniors Dental Vacation Countries, Dental Tourism Prices for Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Restoration & more

What can you do when your teeth skip out on you? Don't mortgage the farm - take a dental vacation!

By David R. Mandich Health Care Writer

Seniors and other cost conscious patients are leaving the US and Canada for new smiles in Mexico and Asia. They are finding low-cost, high-quality dentistry in far off exotic places where it's always warm and the mai tai's, margaritas and beer are cold year around.

Oral restoration and dental implants are often half or less than the cost in these places vs. dentists back in the US, Canada or in other western developed nations. Same materials, same dental chairs, training and digital sterilizers.

Dental implants costing $4-8,000us in the US cost only $2-2,500. complete by board certified dentists in Asia and Mexico using name brand dental implants like Nobel Biocare. Board certified dentist associations can refer you to the best dentists in your preferred dental holiday destination.

You can save up to 75% on your oral restoration on a dental vacation. For some seniors that translate to a savings of $25,000 - $50,000.

Friday, October 2, 2015

HOW TO FIND THE BEST TIJUANA DENTIST by Board Certified Mexico Dentists Assn.

Tijuana Dentist Review - Get Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana Mexico from the Best Dentists in Tijuana 

By David Mandich for the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

 The upscale Zona Rio in Tijuana has fine restaurants, museums, galleries, first-class hotels, malls and the best Tijuana dentists.

The Best Dentist in Tijuana will be Board Certified for dental implants, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and more. 

Searching for a certified dentist in Tijuana for your dental implants, crowns or dental makeover? If you are having any kind of advanced dentistry you should be looking for one.  And definitely not a general dentist.

American dental patients cross the border annually in the tens of thousands searching for the mythical "Best Tijuana dentist" - the one who makes perfect crowns, veneers, orthodontics or dental implants. Cheap. 

Do you need just a cleaning and a filling? You can get that from your dentist at home without selling your house but you can't get advanced dentistry in the US  for less than the price of a round-trip ticket to Paris anymore. 

You have to be cautious as most dentists in Tijuana are only basic general dentists and they'd love to have a chance at doing your dental implants or cosmetic dental makeover. Some say the figure of general dentists may be as high as 85-90%. And they all want dental tourist business.

You've heard by now that you can literally save 1,000’s of dollars on your dental implants or cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana. But you have to know where to go to get the work done right because if you let  a general dentist in Mexico under your hood - you may have to get the work done over again if  you  are not lucky.

Deadman's Dentures - The scary origins of false teeth, dental mplants, prices

Dentures and dental implant history is not for the delicate..

The unsavory origins of dentures, the miracle of dental implants, mini implants (4 on 1) and how all this relates to your car tires ~

Dentures have a history that many a necrophiliac would appreciate. The Etruscans of Northern Italy made dentures out of human or animal teeth prior to the Romans. America's first President George Washington, one of the more famous denture wearers wore dentures made of hippopotamus ivory implanted in a wooden prosthesis. These first dentures were very uncomfortable and disfigured his face.They had to be taken off before any meal.

The popularity of the use of sugar beginning in the 18th century created a rise in the number of dentists. And the demand for replacement of the public's rotten teeth. This dentists started making dentures with real human teeth because dentures made from ivory and animal teeth easily stained, gave off a foul smell, and were were uncomfortable to wear.