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Mexico & Philippines Among Best in World for Dental Tourism! - International Living

Medical and Dental Tourists Take Note!

If you are planning a medical or dental vacation - consider these health care money-saving countries.

Medical and dental healthcare in some Countries such as The Philippines and Malaysia are considered basic human rights and are often available at little cost to locals and ex-pats.


By Czarmecin

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An old passage goes, "health is wealth." This statement is indeed true because when one's body is not in condition, he can't work, study or fulfill his dreams. For this reason, healthcare is among the most important need of every individual.

You can consider countries in the Latin America if you are planning to move overseas and you want a reliable healthcare system because they have the best healthcare in the world.

International Living informed that these are the four countries with the best healthcare in the world, three of the four are from Latin America. Colombia - the country recognized that health is a fundamental human right. So, the cost for both healthcare and health coverage plans are very affordable. Each city has several state-of-the-art hospitals that are affiliated to big-name U.S. hospitals. Moreover, their government health plan is very low. For under $400, one can buy supplemental health coverage for two that can be used when traveling to other Latin American destination.

Costa Rica - the country offers low cost, high quality healthcare. The country has this La Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social public system. Legal residents and citizens are required to join this. One can already enjoy a completely free care with a monthly fee of seven percent to 11 percent of your reported monthly income. This includes checkups, prescriptions, testing, therapy, surgeries and emergency care.

Panama - offers affordable and accessible healthcare. The top-notch private providers in the country are very affordable, with fees and medical costs at only a fraction of those in North America. Most medication in the country is available without prescriptions, saving you time and cost of medical checkups. Resident retirees enjoy 20 percent discount on all medical services. They also offer several types of affordable coverage.

Malaysia - the medical tourism in this country is growing. Some of the popular treatments offer here are cosmetic surgery, dental work and dermatology. The hospitals in the country are first rate and among the first recipients of the United States' prestigious Join Commission International (JCI) certification. Moreover, their hospitals are equipped with talented and skilled doctors who either trained or completed their postgraduate in the U.K. or U.S.

Mexico needs mentioning as its subsidized educational system for medical professionals requires graduating doctors and dentists to perform a year public service in a government clinic before continuing on to specialist college, or opening their own clinic. Thus even a poor field worker in a rural community has free or nearly free medical care often paying only for materials.

But it has its limitations. Say you need a root canal and crown. Chances are they'll just do an extraction. The government doesn't have the budget to save everyone's teeth.

Healthcare tourists from the US and Canada like Mexico as procedures such as dental implants are half the cost compared to back home.

One destination in health care tourism which is rising in popularity is The Philippines where doctors and dentists speak perfect American English and prices on procedures can be 25% less than in many other healthcare destinations such as Mexico and Malaysia according to Board Certified Dentists Internationale'.   Tourism increased from 2.5 million visitors in 2012 to 6.5 million in 2015 and many were medical and dental tourism patients.

Board Certified Dentists Internationale' is an association of certified specialist dentists around the world which assists dental tourists find specialists when abroad. A big problem with the increasing growth of dental tourism is the increase in non-certified general dentists calling themselves "Specialists"  and who attempt specialist procedures such as implants and oral restorations on foreign patients. When you go abroad for medical or dental care - be sure your provider is board certified in the procedures you need if you want the best results.

The World Bank reported that universal healthcare in Latin America is on the rise along with medical and dental tourism.  Healthcare is also improving in Guatemala, Jamaica, Brazil and Chile aside from the Latin American countries mentioned above
So, if you are planning to move or take a medical or dental vacation check out some of those options.


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