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PROFILE: Doctora Cristina Terrado MD ~ Medical & Dental Patient Adviser helping patients find the best dental tourism places, doctors and prices. Get Free estimates and referrals 

By Board Certified Dentists Internationale'

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Dr. Christina Carino Terrado MD
Medical & Dental Tourism Patient Adviser 
Certified Dentists Internationale' 

Hello Everyone!

 Welcome to my blog where I will present information on medical and dental tourism - from the best medical tourism places, doctors and dentists to dental tourism prices. I am a Patient Adviser for Certified Dentists Internationale' formerly the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association.

I am the mother of two boys with autism, professional doctor and nutritionist in the Philippines - but being a mom is the best job I have had. A sweet life.

I worked as a doctor with the Philippines Department of Health Ilocos Region for 17 years following a dream of helping humanity. I lived that dream. I saw how it is to live the way of the Pinoy. Poor, yet they know how to laugh their cares away and generous enough to give all to those who are in need.

I have felt in my heart the honor of holding a life in my hands. Of saving that life you hold or making a difference in their life. That was one of the best chapters of my life. I have seen so much, traveled a lot, and experienced how it is to live a simple but beautiful life as a mother and helping others with their medical needs.

Now I am living my passions. WRITING, which I remember my college literature prof encouraged but I have put aside for half a lifetime. I believe I  am ready now, have experience and knowledge to share and am happy to be working as an online medical and dental patient adviser for Certified Dentists Internationale’.

 I am ALSO starting to understand autism which has been in my life since my older son was two. I never realized my denial until I accepted in my heart their neuro-diversity.

People with autism are often very Intelligent persons trying to make out the world with the gifts they were given. And just like when I was a doctor I intend to make a difference in their world. My legacy to my sons. There is so much to do. And I intend to live a long life to achieve what I was created in this life for.

If you have any medical or dental issues, questions about health care tourism, or autism - please feel free to contact me.

Bless all.

Dr. Christina Carino Terrado MD
Patient Adviser
Certified Dentists Internationale’
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