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DENTAL IMPLANTS FOR THE CLUELESS - Dental Implant Procedures, Prices, Best Dental Tourism Dentists

Certified Dentists Internationale’s Dr. Terrado  writes about dental implants including US, Mexico & Asia costs.

When someone tells you they are having a dental implant would you have any idea what it is or how it is done?

Let me keep it simple so you can explain it to your teenager after your umpteenth lecture to them about laying off the tooth destroying soda drinks.

First, Implant surgery is done in a dental clinic. But not by just any dentist.. A specialty dentist usually an orthodontist, oral surgeon or prosthodontist are licensed to perform this procedure. Now practice saying orthodontist and prosthodontist so you can say those words clearly - not like when your gums and tongue are full of novacaine.

Most know the orthodontist as the dentist who sets braces. A prosthodontist is not as commonly known. This specialist treats a variety of oral issues including cosmetic, maxillofacial, replacement of missing teeth and temporomandibular(tmj) disorder (say it again). They all have to study 3-4 more years beyond basic dental college. Implants are surgery.

The best dental implants are made of aircraft quality titanium metal screws, an abutment and crown. The finished result will look like and can function like real teeth. You can go back to eating apples, carrots, steaks and more with your implants. But to preserve your investment - treat them as they were your natural teeth - don’t crush ice, crack nuts or open bottle caps with them.

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PANORAMIC X-RAY - Procedure, Prices of Pano for Dental Implant, Dental Makeover, Oral Rehabilitation, Certified Dentists Internationale'

My dentist wants me to have a panoramic x-ray!   A What?


Dental tourism patients are often unaware of the importance of having a strange new (since 1985) x-ray casually referred by dentists as a pano. It's best to get one before you leave on your dental vacation.

Panoramic radiographs (aka tomographic x-ray) show an ear to ear 180 degree view of the patient’s jaws and all the teeth as well as much of the head and neck anatomy.

The machine used is different than the standard x-ray unit as the patient generally stands while the x-ray unit travels on a semi-circular track around the patient’s head.

A pano will show in greater detail impacted wisdom teeth, bone loss, often sources of dental pain in temporomandibular disorder (tmj), dental implant, oral trauma and orthodontic assessments.

The image quality is vastly superior to conventional film-based systems and of great importance to oral surgeons and maxillofacial specialists in assessing a patient’s suitability for conventional, mini dental implants, or other procedures. Cone 3D Technology is a new advancement to digital pano devices.

Get a pano from a specialist at home in advance or have one made in your dental vacation destination (assuming you are not going to Timbuktu). The costs will range from $150us to $300 in the US, Canada or Australia vs. $30 to $65 by a dentist in Manila or Puerto Vallarta Mexico using the same panoramic x-ray units.

Photo: The panoramic apparatus slowly rotates 180 degrees around the patient's head taking the x-ray. 

It doesn't matter whether you have your pano made in New York, Cabo or Manila. 
It's simply a matter of cost and convenience.

What does matter is having the assessment for implants or other surgeries and the eventual dentistry performed by a board certified dentist.  In many developing nations - (Mexico, Thailand etc.) General dentists untrained and un-certified for anything other than drilling and filling teeth are permitted to attempt advanced dentistry learning as they go at your expense (read that line again). 

Your best option or a successful dental vacation is to have a consultation and pano made back home and send to a board certified dentist in Mexico, Asia or elsewhere for their opinion and estimate. Your dentist, yourself or the team at an Office Max or Staples can copy and send. If a large content disk - DHL works. Forget regular mail - packages can lay around and get inspected in post offices and government  inspection centers  these days for 2 weeks or more.

If  you have already decided to head for  Puerto Vallarta or Tijuana/San Diego for your denture adventure and want to save $300 more or less on the consultation at home - just wing it to your preferred dental travel destination and  have the pano and consultation there. The cost will be $65. for the pano - the consultation often gratis.  The dentist will give you options depending on the results.

All on 4 prosthesis - can use mini or conventional (longer) implants.

  • With a pano to study dentist can often recommend several options for you from conventional dental implants, mini implants, One-Day, 4 in 1, implant secured dentures, traditional dentures and others. 
A complete exam for determining your suitability for maxillofacial or dental implant surgery includes includes the pano, an in-chair examination where the doctor will check your gum health, bone density, sinus capacity, movability or your teeth and a general health assessment.

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants - advanced age, heavy smoking, diabetes and other issues factor in the decision making.  Your dentist will be able to recommend the best solution to your needs after having received all the information necessary.

If you are contemplating dental travel abroad - be sure to get a Board Certified Dentist. Because in many developing nations (Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand etc.) less-trained general dentists are permitted to learn advanced dentistry at the patient's expense on-the-job. (Read that line again)

Don't make yourself suffer. Board Certified Dentists usually cost the same as far-less skilled general dentists abroad. So avoid the general dentists unless you need basic work like cleaning, drilling, filling and pulling.   That's what general dentists are trained for. Not dental implants or cosmetic dentistry.

Be sure to ask if the dentist is Board Certified. Most are not. Less than 1% are and those are the best dentists.

For Board Certified Dentists in Mexico and Asia for the advanced dental procedures most dental  tourists want such as oral surgery, full-mouth oral restorations, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants visit Certified Dentists Internationale'. They offer patient advising, free estimates and referrals.

Author: David Mandich has been writing about Health Care Tourism for  15 years.

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PROFILE: Doctora Cristina Terrado MD ~ Medical & Dental Patient Adviser helping patients find the best dental tourism places, doctors and prices. Get Free estimates and referrals 

By Board Certified Dentists Internationale'

Certified Dentists Internationale's Doctor Membership Certificate


Dr. Christina Carino Terrado MD
Medical & Dental Tourism Patient Adviser 
Certified Dentists Internationale' 

Hello Everyone!

 Welcome to my blog where I will present information on medical and dental tourism - from the best medical tourism places, doctors and dentists to dental tourism prices. I am a Patient Adviser for Certified Dentists Internationale' formerly the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association.

I am the mother of two boys with autism, professional doctor and nutritionist in the Philippines - but being a mom is the best job I have had. A sweet life.

I worked as a doctor with the Philippines Department of Health Ilocos Region for 17 years following a dream of helping humanity. I lived that dream. I saw how it is to live the way of the Pinoy. Poor, yet they know how to laugh their cares away and generous enough to give all to those who are in need.

I have felt in my heart the honor of holding a life in my hands. Of saving that life you hold or making a difference in their life. That was one of the best chapters of my life. I have seen so much, traveled a lot, and experienced how it is to live a simple but beautiful life as a mother and helping others with their medical needs.

Now I am living my passions. WRITING, which I remember my college literature prof encouraged but I have put aside for half a lifetime. I believe I  am ready now, have experience and knowledge to share and am happy to be working as an online medical and dental patient adviser for Certified Dentists Internationale’.

 I am ALSO starting to understand autism which has been in my life since my older son was two. I never realized my denial until I accepted in my heart their neuro-diversity.

People with autism are often very Intelligent persons trying to make out the world with the gifts they were given. And just like when I was a doctor I intend to make a difference in their world. My legacy to my sons. There is so much to do. And I intend to live a long life to achieve what I was created in this life for.

If you have any medical or dental issues, questions about health care tourism, or autism - please feel free to contact me.

Bless all.

Dr. Christina Carino Terrado MD
Patient Adviser
Certified Dentists Internationale’
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