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HOW TO FIND THE BEST TIJUANA DENTIST by Board Certified Mexico Dentists Assn.

Tijuana Dentist Review - Get Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana Mexico from the Best Dentists in Tijuana 

By David Mandich for the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

 The upscale Zona Rio in Tijuana has fine restaurants, museums, galleries, first-class hotels, malls and the best Tijuana dentists.

The Best Dentist in Tijuana will be Board Certified for dental implants, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and more. 

Searching for a certified dentist in Tijuana for your dental implants, crowns or dental makeover? If you are having any kind of advanced dentistry you should be looking for one.  And definitely not a general dentist.

American dental patients cross the border annually in the tens of thousands searching for the mythical "Best Tijuana dentist" - the one who makes perfect crowns, veneers, orthodontics or dental implants. Cheap. 

Do you need just a cleaning and a filling? You can get that from your dentist at home without selling your house but you can't get advanced dentistry in the US  for less than the price of a round-trip ticket to Paris anymore. 

You have to be cautious as most dentists in Tijuana are only basic general dentists and they'd love to have a chance at doing your dental implants or cosmetic dental makeover. Some say the figure of general dentists may be as high as 85-90%. And they all want dental tourist business.

You've heard by now that you can literally save 1,000’s of dollars on your dental implants or cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana. But you have to know where to go to get the work done right because if you let  a general dentist in Mexico under your hood - you may have to get the work done over again if  you  are not lucky.
There are 2 kinds of dentists in Mexico doing advanced dentistry - generals and certified dental specialists. And US patients should know the difference between the two when they travel to Mexico for their crown, cosmetic dentistry or dental implants.

General dentists in Mexico are permitted to perform advanced dental procedures such as root canals, crowns, oral surgery and implants despite a general dentist's lack of formal training and certification for advanced dental procedures. Read that line again. 

The Mexican government doesn't stand in the way of a general dentist trying to earn a living, learning while drilling away on their unsuspecting patients. 

Tip: Here's how to say "Ouch" in Spanish: Aaaay carumba, madre de dios, cuidado pinche' dentista!

A general dentist in Mexico can take a quickie weekend course in dental implants from an implant manufacturer or buy a whitening machine and reinvent himself a cosmetic dentist. Or even call themselves an "Especialista."

'Board Certification means everything in Mexico - 'Especialista' means nothing. 

Hell, anyone can call themselves a specialist in Mexico. Even the guy selling tacos on the corner and the ladies in the cantina call themselves specialists (giggle).

A real board certified dental specialist in Mexico or the US needs 2-6 years of additional formal schooling to learn the complicated procedures involved in root canals, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery or dental implants.

So why do so many patients from the US end up in general dentists chairs in Mexico for their important dentistry? Beats me. Because the price is typically the same whether a true board certified dentist or general dentist in Mexico.

It could be a couple of reasons - the first being that board certified dentists in Mexico are less than 1% of the dentists out there. Note I said Board Certified, not just certified dentists. Board certified dentists are the cream of the crop having passed their boards - like law grads passing their state boards to practice.

Another is general dentists vastly outnumber board certified dentists and they advertise like crazy for the lucrative dental tourism trade. 

After all - a general dentist is certified too. Certified to do drilling and fillings and non-surgical extractions. Not root canals, crowns, dental implants or cosmetic dental makeovers.

Dental patients having large treatments performed by general dentists in Mexico risk having their expensive dental work having to be redone due to the general dentist's lack of training.  Some have had to pay to have the work undone, then pay to have it redone properly by a certified dentist in Mexico or back home. And the process will not be painless to you or your finances. 

Things that can go wrong include: implants misaligned, crowns or bridges that are set too close, set with poor adhesives, new crowns that are poorly color matched, procedures that shouldn't be performed until bone or gum issues are remedied and healed and sedation and ouch issues. 

Worse - implants can be set in patients who are not suitable candidates due to oral or other health issues that general dentists are not trained to evaluate. Not to forget the cheap implants costing a bit less but promoted as FDA approved (read made in China or Pakistan) by less than ethical dentists. And the low price non-branded bargain implants often fail after 6 years or so vs. 20 years to a lifetime for branded dental implants like Nobel Biocare.

Board certified dentists in Tijuana cost the same as general dentists in Tijuana, so there's little reason not to go for a true board certified dentist when it comes to anything beyond the normal cleaning, filling and pulling that general dentists in Mexico are trained to do. 

You can get Free estimates, Board Certified Tijuana dentist referrals, and dental travel info from the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association.   

Article by David Mandich
Mexico health care writer                


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